Online Assessment Planning Tool – Worksheets

STEP 4:  Planning Worksheets

This set of worksheets addresses each of the eight key elements of online assessment readiness.  The worksheets are designed to assist districts and schools in planning actions steps to move from their current stage of readiness to their desired readiness stage.

  1. Create a cross-functional strategic planning team
  2. Secure funding sources for modern learning environments
  3. Embed technology in instructional practice
  4. Invest in robust and ongoing professional development for teachers, administrators, and technical staff
  5. Build out a robust infrastructure
  6. Select devices meeting instructional needs and assessment consortia requirements
  7. Communicate—a lot
  8. Pay attention to logistics

Each worksheet has Focus Areas with some recommended strategies for moving the school forward.  Using the results from the Online Assessment Planning Survey, a district’s planning team should identify where they are for each element and where they would like to be in the future.  The planning team should identify and prioritize critical areas to focus efforts on by placing a check in the column 0n the left side of the worksheet.  The area on the rights side, of the worksheet, should be used to identify action steps to achieve both short and longer-term goals.  Each element worksheet also includes planning areas to address People, Technology, and Process change:


Select from the links below to download a PDF version of the worksheet


Planning and Leadership

eLI_OAPT_Worksheet_Planning and Leadership



Assessment Practices

eLI_OAPT_Worksheet_Assessment Practices

Instructional Practices

eLI_OAPT_Worksheet_Instructional Practices

Professional Development

eLI_OAPT_Worksheet_Professional Development

Technology Infrastructure

eLI_OAPT_Worksheet_Technology Infrastructure

Systems Integration

eLI_OAPT_Worksheet_Systems Integration





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