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The eLearn Institute is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to transforming education through the effective use of digital learning tools.  The central focus of the institute is to help schools and districts design, build, and “own” their eLearning programs.  As a trusted partner and aggregator of digital resources, the eLearn Institute will help connect online educators and organizations to appropriate resources as they (a) develop appropriate eLearning models, (b) select quality content, (c) provide professional development for teachers, administrators, and staff, and (d) select appropriate hardware, software, and systems to build a high quality eLearning program.  The eLearn Institute understands that having the right digital tools is one half of the challenge that educators and schools face, and using these tools effectively to building transformative educational models that support great learning is the other half of the challenge.   The Institute assists schools to create a facilitated community of online educators to share best practices, effective learning models, and new ideas specific to online and blended learning.


eLearn Institute and ENA Partner with CoSN, AASA, and NSBA to Launch

Online Assessment Report and Planning Tool

 The report, Online Assessment: From Readiness to Opportunity, shares the recent history and current state of online assessments, spotlights best practices being used in districts, and details the opportunities for the K-12 education community. In turn, the Online Assessment Planning Tool gives district leaders the guidance for building effective online assessment strategies, as well as measuring and communicating their efforts over time. The new resources are supported by Learning First Alliance.

The new online assessment report and planning tool build on Raising the BAR: Becoming Assessment Ready Toolkit – a resource developed by CoSN, Education Networks of America (ENA), and eLearn Institute to ensure all districts make a successful online transition.

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Best practices, effective learning models, and new ideas.


A primary focus of eLearn Institute is to help schools identify an appropriate solution(s) to address the needs of students that are specific to online and blended learning.  The leadership team of eLearn Institute maintains the philosophy that schools must design and implement their own eLearning programs whereby district beliefs and practices are embedded into a learning model that provides anytime, anywhere learning opportunities for all students is a way that transcends the barriers of time and place.  Such a model should give students flexibility in the way that they receive their education, which in turn, provides students with a more personalized or individualized educational experience.  Whether a school is seeking to implement an online learning program for specific student populations or for school-wide access, or if the organization is looking to provide one or more variations of blended learning (rotation, flex, self-blend, or enriched virtual model), eLearn Institute is in a position to provide the customized support to assist schools in reaching their program goals and also to grow their programs well into to foreseeable future.

The eLearn Institute provides customized services to schools in the following areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Consulting
  • eLearning Program Evaluation
  • Technology Audits
  • Technology Plan Review and Writing
  • Speaking Engagements
eLearn Collaborative Professional Development Customized Consultation Services

Together, the eLearn Institute team creates incredible value for educators and school districts


Dr. Tom Ryan Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Tom Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer of the eLearn Institute.  He has served as Chief Information & Strategy Officer for Santa Fe Public Schools and the Chief Information Officer for the Albuquerque Public Schools district.  He has worked for public education for over 32 years, as a teacher for 14 years, a high school principal, and a district administrator…

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Transforming education through the effective use of digital learning tools.

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